What is to come on the 22nd of July

Reeport By :– anisha maan

New Delhi :-The Kisans having an ever optimistic outlook from the very beginning have entered their 9th month of andolan against the farm laws passed by the parliament . Their agenda remaining the same, waiving away of the farm laws.

After being called directionless, accused of being politically motivated, Rakesh takait has taken charge since the past few months and has been an active spokesperson for the kisans. He has been one to voice out the demands of the kisans and the one to decide the further actions which r to be taken. There have been many series of talks which have taken place between the government and the farmers which bore no fruit and have come to a stand still. The government is Adamant about not reversing the laws while the farmers stand tall on their claim of getting the laws abolished. The clashes which tool place and have been talking place on borders between the farmers and the police have been known to all and the results have been unfortunate enough for both. The recent motion by the government States, the talks can be resumed with the farmers but abolishing the farm bills is out of the picture.

The kisans have withstood and have overcome all hurdle up till now and plan on doing so until they get what they have been struggling for. There have been tractor rallies to revise the route as stated by the kisans which will become more frequent in the coming times. We are to witness the surrounding of the Parliament by the farmers who are to March towards the national capital on the 22nd of July which is in the light of their show of perseverance and their claim of not backing off any time soon. We r to see in the coming times if this proves to be counterproductive or will be a success.

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