Report By :- Abha

New Delhi :-Amla extracted from a Sanskrit word “Amalaki”, is one of the Ayurvedic herbs which generations are using from a long period which benefits our body and improves health one way or the other. It is also considered as Indian gooseberry which helps to fight against cold or any other illness if added in your diet. It helps not only in your body purification but also controls your sugar, blood pressure, clears your skin problems and many more. Amla consists of vitamin C and has high calcium.
Let’s give a small understanding of how Amla boosts and stimulates our bosh and health।

Having Amla early morning results into numerous benefits. It helps to repair damaged skin and provides oxygen, due to which our skin breaths and improves our skin tone.

Eating Amla also helps to improve your vision and reduces the power of the spec of your eyes. It makes your eyes fit.

It helps to promote and improve your health. Having amla in routine not only protects us from cold and cough during winters but also improves our heart problems, controls blood pressure, breathing problems etc।
Indian gooseberry also helps to prevent and fights against certain types of cancer like breast, ovarian, lung cancers etc।

Experts always suggest adding Amla in your diet to remain fit and healthy as it is considered as an effective supplement।

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