Now money exchange will also be done through WhatsApp!


Report :- Abha Pundhir

After awaiting for so long finally WhatsApp has introduced its payment mode which will be in use from January 1, 2021. WhatsApp owned by Facebook was carrying out the trails for payment over years but now it will be in run.This features will be available for both Android and IOS users for which you need to have the updated WhatsApp.Earlier,WhatsApp was the only medium to text,share location ,contacts etc which help people to stay connected but now it is play a vital role in digital platform specially in India where the WhatsApp users are quite large in numbers।

   There might be plenty of questions in people's mind  about how to use it,which all banks are connected,how does other work and alot more.A brief description is given below regarding its functioning
  1. How to get started?

Those of who have signed up for testing beta app can ise WhatsApp pay.Beta testing app iz the app which is at its very first sage of testing and the developers allow the people to test and give them feedback for the same but is not allowed to everyone only to set of the groups of people who are in the team to test the app।

  1. How do I send and receive money?

WhatsApp also uses UPI( Unified Payment Tansfer) platform same like other digital transfer medium.You can directly transfer the required money into your bank account like Google pay.Likewise ,other payment system operators (PSOs) ,WhatsApp also requires the concerned person should fill all the bank credentials which helps you to generate a UPI Pin through which all financial transactions will be done।

  1. List of banks working with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp will be working with State Bank of India, Axis Bank,HDFC Bank so far.

4.WhatsApp payment used for online shopping?

Yes,you heard it right. Now we can use WhatsApp payment for online shopping through amazon and flipkart but currently it is under progress।

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