New smartwatch with new features has given the tough competition in the Market

Report :- Abha

New Delhi :- As we all know, there was a tough competition in the market for smartwatches which were designed by big companies which were not accessible by every person. But in today’s world, a new smartwatch has entered the game with affordable price. The new product has to be designed by a startup company which has affected the sales and revenues of other companies by adding new features and policies to the device।


The new startup designed and launched its new product that has beat the rest of the smartwatch products. The LuxeFit pro, a group of people shared an idea of developing a smartwatch which could be in reach of every Individual adding all features but with a low cost. It is devised of the hard shell along with touch mirror which gives the gadget an outstanding look।

The product is having all the features like answering calls, giving alert for the messages, fitness।

Apart from the above features, it also has a green confidential sensor that measures ECG, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and also tracks daily exercises too।


The product is quite cost-effective along with attractive features. It costs only for 2999 as it doesn’t involve any middlemen and is also adds excluded. No money is committed to its campaign।


It is much more than you expected
1.Readable screen
2.Fitness Tracker
3.Click Snaps
4.Receive Phone Calls 🤳 and Alerts ⚠️

  1. Monitoring System
    6.Sedentary Notification

You can experience it and enjoy using it only after its purchase।

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