Report :- Abha

New Delhi :-The problem is quite common during the seasonal changes, as cold and cough start bugging someone or the other. In the bottom, people try ending up taking home treatments which are being used and suggested by our ancestors, as they turn out to be effective. Let’s find out some remedies, how does it work and how to use and what all needs to be added as an ingredient to get relief from cough and cold।

  1. If one is suffering from coughs and throat pain, so take a glass of hot water and add a pinch of salt and gargle it at least twice or thrice times a day. This will give you relief from throat pain as well as cough.

2.If coughing irritates you, always have warm water throughout as it will help to clear the mucus collected and blocked in your throat to clear the respiratory tract।

3.Another remedy that one can try is to take a half tablespoon of honey and mix it with few drops of lemon with some cardamom. This also helps to give your relief from cough।

4.Mulethi considered a best Ayurveda way to cure cough is by chewing Mulethi roots through which we extract juice which helps to get rid of cough and provides you with instant relief।

5.One can also try by roasting a clove of garlic in ghee and chew it is also considered a best remedy।

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