The Changing Weather Is Affecting People’s Health.

Report By :- Abha Pundhir

New Delhi :-Change on weather always effects health some way or the other.It also gives rise to diseases as well.One should always take precautions when weather changes.It is basically a challenge to our immune system.Some of the health conditions that occurs due to change in weather।

  1. Cold and flu

It is quite common amongst people.If one person falls sick with cold or cough , it passes to other person.One should be hygienic and must take precautions.During this outbreak,one should have warm water by adding 2 drops of tulsi drops.Our ancestors always recommended us to have ‘kadha’.Basically it is a mixture of Laung,Black pepper,ginger,Black cardamom,Honey।

  1. Joints pain

As winter starts approaching , people suffering from Arthritis,their joints become achy and stiff.Some feel comfortable during winter while others suffers severe pain.It is suggested to keep yourself warm and keep yourself physically active to avoid pain

  1. Skin allergy

People are meant to have dryness as weather changes because the wintery air sucks the moisture of your body.So by applying cold creams and keeping yourself hydrated(taking plenty of water) makes your skin smooth and soft।

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