Report By :- Abha

New Delhi :-WhatsApp has just released Payments mode which is linked through the Unified Payments Interface(UPI). Now it has also added a new feature for Business accounts related to shopping. It will be easier for customers to operate shopping Menus. This feature will not only help the businessman expand their business but will also help them to generate their revenue. As millions of people are using WhatsApp business accounts, so it will be a fresh step towards Digital business as well।

In hand with this new feature, now the users will be able to check the shopping icon near the profile where the person can scan the items. This newly invented feature will be used globally and it is used in place of the voice button in business accounts.
This features will help the customers to search the catalogue in the shopping icon so that they can easily order and make payment for the same।

Every time new catalogue upgrades it will reflect to the customer which will be convenient for them to buy and it will reflect in shop icon next to the name of the account holder।

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