Report By :- Abha Pundhir

New Delhi :-After a battle to fight against COVID-19, Dalmia Healthcare has released a drug named “Astha-15” which will be made available in COVID Hospital, where people are suffering from mild symptoms and it will be injected only when prescribed. After so much research and trails, it is a win situation for India for introducing Ayurveda drug which will help to treat cough, wheezing and improve the respiratory process which results in speedy recovery of patients।

Due to this drug, the healthcare system has regained their trust back into Ayurveda which is considered one of the ancient time way of medication. This drug helps to reduce congestion, clear muscular walls, helps to get rid of chest infection. When using with decent dosage and ways it enables the proper functioning of the lungs and brings back the respiratory tract to it’s functioning. All these symptoms are seen in COVID-19 patients which are treated by this Ayurveda drug Astha-15.
As per the guidelines issued by ICMR, many trials were performed to treat those symptoms that are seen in COVID-19 patients which are the combination of polyherbal. This drug will be made available during its first trial and will also seek permission to be used in allopathic hospital as per the guidelines provided।

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