5 tips to stay healthy during the Changing weather

Reepot By :- Anish Maan

New Delhi The weather is unpredictable- one day it is sunny, the other day it rains. Morning it’s scorching heating, evenings have a breezy way to it. The weather forecast hasn’t proved to be dependable due to the changing temperatures and fluctuating weather patterns. To keep up with the weather is a task in itself.

Following some tips may help us in keeping healthy.

Vitamin C

vitamin c is know to help improve the immune system which just won’t help remaining fit while weather change but a strong immune system keeps Covid at bay also . incorporating some foods into your daily routine may replenish the supply of vitamin c in our bodies.

  1. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons
  2. Half a cup of papaya can fulfil your daily requirement of vitamin c.
  3. Tomatoes are something very basic which are used in the preparation of all foods but some people completely avoid eating them. For them to knows its nutritional value is important, they built a good immunity system, especially during changing weather.
  4. Bell peppers – all kinds of bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. They are not only used in indian cuisine but internationally also.

STAY hydrated –
Drinking water is absolutely important for us to stay health. It helps flush out toxins and absorbs nutrients, protects our body from illnesses and diseases. Plus water helps with all that glow on the face, which we have been chasing.

Maintain good hygiene-
Staying hygienic is the solutions to all things in this the current scenario. Clean your surroundings, wash your body often bathe at least once a day. Always be in clean cloths. Cover your cough and sneeze. Wash all the fruits and vegetables you eat.

Move it!
Staying fit is the key. The current situation has got the world to a standstill and restricted movement. Work out, sweat out all the extract calories. If u r a beginner do some easy light exercises. Breathing exercises won’t just help in feeling fresh but also strengthen the lungs.

If working out is necessary so is a good amount of rest. We tend to get grumpy and foggy and feel tired when not rested well,. Get sufficient sleep of about 7-8 hours to feel energized and be ready for the day. When u ain’t rested well the immunity system does not function as desired.

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